House - PM / under construction


Breaking ground for a house with a fantastic view over the bay of Santiago in Manzanillo, Colima, México. It was designed for a young family, taking into account the specific climatic circumstances to create a bioclimatic proposal. We created a white volumen with cantilevers, pergolas and palapas to provide shade for the south-west facing facade and it´s openings...  more

Mein HausVerstand - Häuslbauer Messe


Die Kammer der ZiviltechnikerInnen für Steiermark und Kärnten sowie das Haus der Architektur präsentieren in einer Vortragsreihe junge ArchitektInnen die eine Auswahl an gelungenen Projekten rund um die Themen Wohnen, Neubau, Zu- oder Umbau sowie Sanierung und Erhalt von Altbauten zeigen. Im Anschluss stehen die ArchitektInnen für ein persönliches Gespräch zur Verfügung. .... more

Marlo pet spa / built


The goal was to design an elegant and reduced outline for a pet spa and dog accessories shop in México City´s Polanco neigbourhood, converting an entrance hall of a modernistic building into a shop and a hereby refurbished passage. The project´s main idea was to create a serene atmosphere and a warm, but aswell reduced feel ...  more

Architektursommers 2015


Eine Veranstaltung für allle am bauen Interessierten am Mittwoch dem 09.09.2015 um 19:00 Uhr im HDA, organisiert von revolver architecture... Junge ArchitektInnen präsentieren Projekte in 20 Bildern zu je 20 Sekunden, rund ums „Häusle bauen“ und stehen im Anschluss für nähere Informationen zum Thema Wohnen, Neubau, Zu- oder Umbau, sowie Sanierung und Erhalt von Altbauten im persönlichen Gespräch zur Verfügung. .... more

House - Zlo / in progress


Located at Manzanillo´s tropical pacific shore, this mansion is designed to accommodate the special climatic circumstances of the area, like extreme heat and humidity in the summer month and a relatively arid and chilled climate during the winter month. To deal with these extreme difference we proposed white, stacked volumes with big cantilevers that shade open west facing facades...  more

House G_M_K extension / built


We added to a typical existing Styrian farmhouse of 57 m² of habitable area, a new living area of 30 m² even though the farm is composed of some minor other buildings for agricultural use. We renovated the old house in it´s original sense changing it´s finishing surfaces back into their original state and added modern amenities like insulation in walls and floors aswell as underfloor heating which keep the interior spaces visually clean and more spacious...  more

BuB / 2014


Our project "House for 2" was published on This platform is aimed at people interested in buying high quality architecture with a reasonable price tag. BuB is committed to provide financial and qualitative benefits for their clients and offers current single family home planning designed by outstanding, established architects and talented newcomers...  more

FMDT / built


FMDT project is a transformed shipping container which soon will be shipped to Río de Janeiro en Brazil to be inaugurated at the fair “Una Probadita de México” for the 2014 Soccer World Cup. It will represent and promote Méxican Cuisine and it´s great variety, providing a fully equipped kitchen and outdoor sitting aera. It´s appearance will establish a dialogue between architecture and contemporary Méxican design...

Apartment - Ro / built

This apartment is located in México City`s  “Colonia Condesa” neighborhood, in a modernistic building of the early 40`s, at that time built for a famous Mexican actress. As styles of living changed and the park-street former transited by carriages, transformed into one heavily used by cars, a new interior distribution was needed...  more

Conexión II / social project


In the term 2010/11 revolver architecutre developed the low cost project Projekt „Conexion – building bridges“ in a pedestrian underpass with the former 2C class in cooperation with Pius - institute. Because the original design was sprayed over, changed and destorted during the last years, we decided to rejuvenate the project by restoring and repainting wooden figures and give a new grafic style to the passage...  more

aunt bertha´s cabin published


The low budget project ’Aunt Bertha’s Cabin’ (2009/10) in cooperation with the elementary school ‘Bertha von Suttner’ in Graz, Austria, was recently published in the book ISBN 9782884 742641 ’alter architectures manifesto, observatory of innovative architectural and urban processes in Europe, 2012’...  more

`stilo No_21 / 2013


revolver architecture was asked to write an articel about the Austrian based visual arts and architecture studio SPLITTERWERK and its most interesting aproach towards today`s architecture, for the mexican magazine about interior design, architecture and design `stilo _México / Moterrey. / Read the article...  more

centro de diseño / 2013


Alexander Cziharz was invited to teach "6th semester´s design studio", "lightweight structures" and "materials and processes" courses at "Centro de Diseño, Cine y Television" university, in Mexico City. The objectives of this classes are, to impart on the one hand the understanding of the immediate relation between structure and form, and on the other hand the importance of material selection and the know-how of its implementation throughout the design process...  more

domus_02 / 2012


revolver architecture was asked to write an articel for domus_México september 2012 edition, about a minimal residential housing project designed and built by ARKRAFT studio, a young architectural firm situated in Monterrey ,Nuevo León, México / Read the article...  more

Fredericks Box / social project


The realization of the social project "Fredericks Box" in Graz/Austria, under guidance of "evolve architecture´s member DI. Petra Kickenweitz", was only made possible with the amazing support of many volunteers, colaborators, sponsors and friends...  more

CEDIM / 2012


In january 2012 "CEDIM" invited Alexander Cziharz as director for the architecure and interior architecture department at the University in Monterrrey / Nuevo Leon / México. "CEDIM" could win Johann Moser from "bwm", Thomas Pucher from Atelier Thomas Pucher and Splitterwerk to impart workshops in 2012. Alexander himself is imparting the "multidisciplinary project" in the 9th semester...  more

Conexión - Bruck / social project


The realization of the social project "Conexión" in Bruck/Mur, guided by "evolve architecture" was only made possible with the amazing support of many volunteers, colaborators, sponsors and friends... more

Copa Arquitectura / competition


El proyecto se basa en la idea de generar un espacio urbano para la comunidad, creando un sitio de encuentro para todas las facetas de usuario  para ofrecer un lugar de picnic, asados, juegos infantiles, eventos culturales, deporte, ocio y trabajo, accesible para todos...  more

winning the Golden Cubes Awards


revolver architecture" wins at the UIA Architecture & Children Golden Cube Awards Austria, with the project "aunt bertha´s cabin" in the category for schools... more

ZT Forum excursion to México 2011


revlolver architecture" in colaboration with Arch. Alexander Cziharz organized the architectural excursion for the ZT Forum from the 26.02 - 05.03.2011 to Mexico City and Puebla... more

exhibition / AzW / 03/03 - 30/05/2011


revolver at the interactive exhibition in the Az W „fliegende Klassenzimmer“ (flying classrooms). The spaces we learn and teach in have hardly changed in over a century. The classroom is still 9 metres x 7 metres in size and the primary location for lessons that are held at hourly intervals — even though teachers and architects agree that contemporary teaching methods require appropriately diverse forms of space.... more

"Tante Berthas Hütte" / built


That architecture is not at all an abstract discipline, but can be experienced and touched has been shown in the intercultural project "aunt bertha´s cabin", one of the competition winning projects „Raumgestalten 2010“. Starting point for our design concept was the elementary school " Bertha von Suttner in Graz - Austria"...


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