Marlo pet spa / Concept

The project not only consisted in the main shopping area, but aswell in the pet spa in it´s rear part. Re-designing the building´s entrance was as important to us as the the shop design, as we reduced it´s area significantly by the new added function. Lighting and surface qualities were relevant topics to consider to make the now narrow entrance work and to give it a more spacious air than the actual surface area would make believe.

In the main shop bright and natural surfaces are dominant that go well togehter with the proposed shop furniture, expecting the colorfull dog-products to add colour to the space nontheless conserving the shop´s visual homogeneity.

Shop facade / building entrance


Shop / counter


Shop towards the facade


floor plan





project data

project: Design, interior Design
location: México / Mexico City / Colonia Polanco
cross floor area: 125m²
client: Privat
design phase: June. - Dez. 2014
completion: Completed
partner: Arq. Alejandro Aparicio
colaborators: Paola Perroni
construction: Andres Leyva





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