exhibition "we are creating schools"


the exhibition

But what should these spaces look like in concrete terms? And who is permitted to participate in their design? Regrettably, in the current heated debate on the reforming of the Austrian school system space is only a peripheral topic, even though it represents a decisive factor in successful education in other countries as the "third educator".

The exhibition engages with different approaches (to research) involving the mutual interrelationship between the architectural space and the spatial framework it provides, and learning and teaching. It addresses all those who are involved directly or indirectly with education and the basic spatial requirements for teaching and learning: primarily pupils, teachers, parents, architects and politicians. The exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to inform themselves about the development of school building and its background, to take a playful approach to engaging with space in a 1:1 installation, and to develop their own vision for the school of the future.

six areas of the exhibition design

Construction site classroom
Studying spatial experience
The experts studio
The school in floor plans
Learning in space not in the classroom
The collection


Idea, concept and design: Christian Kühn, Antje Lehn, Renate Stuefer in cooperation with AzW Gudrun Hausegger
fotos: Antje Lehn
grafik: © Illustration Frauke Lehn / Grafik LIGA: graphic design
March 2011




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